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Because These Catches Are Still Single—And Here Are Their Phone Numbers

L to R: Jackie Rosner, Jeremy Spencer, Laurine Towler, Maria Vu.  

Nos. 103–110

Jackie Rosner, 36
Bond Trader (Straight)
His pitch: Judge a man by three things: what he says, what he does, and how tall he is [Jackie’s six foot six].
His ex’s biggest complaint: Muscle cramps in calves and stiff necks from standing on tippy-toes to kiss me.

Jeremy Spencer, 26
Med Student (Gay).
His pitch: I’m London-bred, corn-fed, and well read. I don’t swear, drink, or own anything pink.
His ex’s biggest complaint: That I was born in New Jersey, I should really cut back on that corn, I couldn’t finish Harry Potter, I swear and drink, and I own pink socks.

Laurine Towler, 53
Actress (Straight).
Her pitch: I’m well educated, open-minded, and playful. Humor is important. I like who I am. I’m warm, and I love to hold hands.
Her ex’s biggest complaint: I tend to take things slowly (although I’m worth the wait). My theatrical career is a top priority.

Maria Vu, 28
Publicist (Straight).
Her pitch: You’ll get more hand stamps and wristbands than there are nights in the week. Velvet-rope burns will be a thing of the past.
Her ex’s biggest complaint: Flip side of the coin. Sometimes boyfriends find the cell phone fused to my left hand slightly awkward.

L to R: Laren Levin, Walter Alton Jr., Trevan Van Buren, Lindsay Wallner.  

Lauren Levin, 25
Writer (Lesbian).
Her pitch: I’m cultured, outgoing, ambitious, and self-deprecating. I enjoy good food and wine, and hate drama. I’m a unique mix of the Midwest (friendly) and New York (fast-paced).
Her ex’s biggest complaint: My hectic lifestyle. I’m also addicted to e-mail.

Walter Alton Jr., 64
Trial Attorney (Straight).
His pitch: I’m fit, athletic, intelligent, with a good sense of humor. I love outdoor activities at my farm upstate. Happy to go out on the town, but really enjoy a romantic evening at home.
His ex’s biggest complaint: I work too hard when I’m on a trial.

Trevan Van Buren, 30
Record-Label Manager (Straight).
His pitch: I have a genuine curiosity about other people and cultures. I’m a world traveler, a musician, a good conversationalist, and generally a selfless, laid-back guy.
His ex’s biggest complaint: I’m not entirely ready to settle down (as in church bells).

Lindsay Wallner, 23
Marketing-Agency Manager (Straight).
Her pitch: I’m outgoing, up for trying new things, and I like exploring New York.
Her ex’s biggest complaint: Sometimes I’m not good at communicating—so I just burst. I occasionally need to be forced to tell what I’m thinking.

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