Hot Zones

The radical protesters who have designated Tuesday a day of “direct action” will focus their fury on familiar targets:

The Carlyle Group, 520 Madison Ave. Thanks to its investing in military contractors, this company’s office has become the couch anarchists like to crash on—every time they come to town, they drop by.

Chevron Public Affairs, 230 Park Ave. The company named a tanker Condoleezza Rice—and Chevron was never exactly popular with Greens anyway.

Fox News Building, 1211 Sixth Ave. The second most popular chant at marches? “Fox News sucks!”

Hummer of Manhattan, 798 Eleventh Ave. Schwarzenegger’s vehicle of choice.

Lockheed Martin, 420 Lexington Ave. As featured in Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine.

GE Building, 1251 Sixth Ave. When anarchists talk about corporate media, they think GE, because in addition to owning NBC, it, according to one direct-action site, “produce[s] engines” for military “planes and helicopters.”

The RAND Corp., 215 Lexington Ave. Just eleven blocks away from Lockheed Martin, so protesters might as well hit it too.

Hot Zones