15:32:02: about 100 people at war resisters vigil- ground zero, need more

16:15:19: Half of WRL march is being detained by orange netting on Fulton btwn Church andBroadway

17:06:57: Bryant Park near Public Library-lots of police gathering, and waiting

18:03:30: police pushing people off library steps/also police vans headed south on 5th ave from 20th st

18:11:15: large #’s of cops headed west towards public library, scooters

19:26:17: Pepper spray used at Herald Sqaure (33rd and 6th). About 1000 people there, traffic mostly blocked.

19:51:45: Union Square - medics and marching band targeted. Medic also snatched at Herald Square.

19:53:20: Union Sq. at 16th st. things arrests getting violent, people completely penned in.

20:01:20: Video cameras needed at Irving and E16th, near Union Square.

20:44:02: 26th and Park, spontaneous march being chased on foot by police. Arrests.

23:27:45: Busses full arrestees are lined up on the West Side HW btwn 15&18 St waiting to enter pier 57

23:42:46: Lots of arrestees tonight! Show them your support! Meet folks as there released @ 100 Center St. 9am-1am.