Number of protesters who successfully infiltrated Madison Square Garden on Wednesday: 12 (NYPD)

Number of people arrested at the 2000 Republican convention in Philadelphia: 420 (r2kphilly.org/r2klegal/stats.html)

Number of arrests the Manhattan District Attorney predicted by day three of the convention:3,000

Actual number of arrests by day three:1,720

Number of people arrested at the 2004 Democratic National Convention: 6

Number of times the following words or phrases have been used in the prime-time speeches thus far:
Terror, terrorist, or terrorism: 78
Free or freedom: 76
War: 58
September 11or 9/11: 26
Saddam Hussein: 18
Al Qaeda: 4
Osama bin Laden: 0
Kerry: 48

Number of biodegrad-able balloons to be dropped inside Madison Square Garden: 100,000(RNC HQ)

Pounds of biodegrad- able confetti to be dropped inside Madison Square Garden: 300(RNC HQ)

Number of remote-controlled cannons that will shoot out streamers to accompany the confetti:50(RNC HQ)

Number of times Dick Cheney has publicly referred to John Edwards as “sexy”:2

Number of times Governor George Pataki used the word “gay” or “lesbian” during his speech to the Log Cabin Republicans:0