Will It Play in Kabul?

Command and Control
A romantic comedy starring Chris Noth and Sandra Bullock as intelligence analysts charged with identifying military targets overseas who end up identifying “hot zones” in each other’s hearts. Featuring Rupert Everett as a troublemaking Taliban spokesperson.

Curb Your Enthusiasm for Radical Islam
Larry David and surprise guest stars deconstruct the absurdities of everyday anti-Americanism. See Larry rant to his shrink about the Egyptian media’s relentless criticism of America and President Hosni Mubarak’s tacit encouragement of same. “Aren’t we their biggest trading partner? Am I the only one who notices these things? Is it me?”

Khyber Pass
Steve Zahn plays a Special Forces commando stuck behind enemy lines who is mistaken for the new coach of a Taliban academy’s football team. Can his band of pious but wacky misfits beat Tajikistan’s top youth team? No, because Tajikistan is part of our alliance.

Musharraf in the Middle
New Fox sitcom milks the Pakistani government’s precarious hold on power for hilarity.

What Afghan Women Want
Imagine the possibilities if Mel Gibson – and Christiane Amanpour – had the power to hear Afghan women’s innermost thoughts. Two of those possibilities are romantic sparks and a Peabody Award for journalistic excellence.

Will It Play in Kabul?