Super Bowl Spots

1. Park Avenue Country Club
For its array of huge screens and sound system alone, Park Avenue Country Club gets the nod. You won’t have to apologize for the cuisine – caor for shouting “Whoo!” and high-fiving a total stranger. (381 Park Avenue South, at 27th Street, 212-685-3636.)

2. ESPN Zone
It’s okay if you step away from your comfy leather Barcalounger in the screening room: The seats in the restrooms (and even the urinals) have their own monitors, to ensure that you won’t miss a down. (1472 Broadway, at 42nd Street; 212-921-3776.)

3. The Sporting Club
Claiming to be New York’s original sports bar, the nineteen-year-old TriBeCa institution was the first in the city to incorporate multiple satellite hookups and large-screen projection TVs and remains one of the best places to catch a game. (99 Hudson Street; 212-219-0900.)

4. Time Out
This dark, no-frills spot is overwhelmingly popular because it gives fans exactly what they want: cheap beer, tasty bar food, and the highest proportion of TVs per patron of anyplace on our list. (349 Amsterdam Avenue, near 76th Street, 362-5400.)

5. Ship of Fools
The fans at Ship of Fools, a roomy but intimate bar on the Upper East Side, are passionate about football, so expect an outstandingly opinionated (if very friendly) crowd. (1590 Second Avenue, near 82nd Street, 570-2651.)

Super Bowl Spots