Church Sale

A death in clubland is never proud: Moomba disappeared without a whimper, Twilo (right down to its sound system) was auctioned off on eBay, and the Palladium was turned into NYU dorms.

As for the Limelight, crestfallen clubbers flocked to an invite-only “Before the Wrecking Ball Sale” last week, where just about everything that wasn’t nailed down (and some things that were) could be had for the right price.

“It has been very weird,” said Brian Christopher Cummings, who was conducting the sale, as he stood in the Limelight’s chapel fielding inquiries about such items as a notice reading IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO USE OR DISTRIBUTE ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES ($250) and the banner that hung outside ($3,000). “A couple came up to me and said, ‘We met by this sink. Can we buy it?’ “

Some, like Über-flack Bobby Zarem, seemed mostly interested in reminiscing (though he did inquire about purchasing part of a bathroom stall). “I remember coming down the walkway with Bianca Jagger one night,” he said. “There were these great paintings and people posing as sculptures. It was just fantastic.”

Others, looking at the after-dark relics in the light of day, thought back to all their lost weekends: “Oh my god,” gasped one graying Chelsea boy as he flipped through the catalogue filled with shots of dazed and confused patrons like River Phoenix and Drew Barrymore, “I hope there’s not a picture of me in there.”

Church Sale