Best Bars for Picking Up

New York Marriott Marquis
It’s inTimes Square, and the top-floor cocktail lounge rotates. Where JoeMillionaire would take his dates.
• 1535 Broadway, at 45th Street; 212-704-8700

Bar at the W Union Square
Men in shiny shirtsand Drakkar Noir woo women who may or may not have appeared on MTV’s 1996Spring Break Special.
• 201 Park Ave. South; 212-253-9119

“You went to Buckley? I went to Chapin!”Home-grown Manhattanites having nightly reunions.
• 125 E. 54th Street; 212-583-1333

“Deb’s Family Disco” at Jack Rose
Starting at 5 p.m. on Sundays, it’s family night. Kids provide anice-breaker-and there are none of those awkward moments where you have toadmit you’ve actually got them.
• 771 Eighth Ave., near 47th St.; 212-586-7425

This appropriately namedsupper club-filled with big-haired blondes who wear spandex butshouldn’t-rarely attracts anyone under 40 and rarely plays any music madesince the early nineties.
• 1117 First Ave., near 61st St.; 212-835-5979

“Shout” at Bar 13
Quadrophenia meetsSex and the City: Music snobs out to get laid late on a Sunday night.
• 35 E. 13th St., second Ffl.; 212-979-6677

Best Bars for Picking Up