Nice Jewish Boy Seeks Hot-Blooded Jewish Girl For Love In Colder Climes, Part XIV

Jay Ramras, the Alaskan restaurateur, is still combing the city for a Jewish bride, but his search has taken a strange turn toward the paranormal.

Jay was apprehensive about seeing a redheaded psychic who has already sent away to the Alaskan Chamber of Commerce for relocation brochures. “She may mind-meld with me and find out my darkest secrets,” he worried. Perhaps she did: By the end of the evening, Jay was surprised to hear himself offering a guided tour of Fairbanks.

Days later, his quest took him to the West Coast for dinner at the Magic Castle theme restaurant. Though the evening was fittingly “enchanted,” the distance seemed insurmountable. The very next night, however, Jay dated another woman with “psychic gifts,” who predicted he’d soon move to L.A.

Nice Jewish Boy Seeks Hot-Blooded Jewish Girl For […]