Single in the New City

Edited by Robert Levine

Serious Fun
So much for sex in the age of conspicuous consumption. since september 11, more New Yorkers want marriages, fewer are having casual sex, and many are happier with their dating lives. Maybe less is more.

Love by the Numbers
Everything got more serious after September 11. Including, say the results of an exclusive New York Magazine, MetroTV poll, New Yorkers’ attitudes about sex and relationships.

Sex and the Suburbs
He’s cute, he has a great job, and he’s single. So what if he’s still living with his mother? Nobody ever said dating in norwalk was going to be easy.

Can’t Buy Me Love
With their perks vanishing and their paychecks shrinking, the city’s Mr. big types are starting to feel, well, small. A look at love after the gold rush.

Brother, Can You Spare a Cosmo?
Don’t downsize your dating. These cheap dates – 15 under $60 – could lead to recession romance.

The Blonde Who’s Had More Fun
Candace Bushnell, the real-life alter ego of Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw, has been a princess of the New York night since the days of Studio 54. Why spoil that with a husband?

Single in the New City