50 Ways to Love…Greenwich Village (31-40)

Jefferson Market Clocktower. Isn’t it great not to have to wear a watch?

An unassuming pan-Asian restaurant? Thought that was an oxymoron. Cafe Asean, a small, always empty dining room with rustic backyard garden, makes broth-and-noodle concoctions from scratch. So even if you opt for delivery, you’ll never encounter the ‘Republic problem’ – overcooked noodles congealing within three minutes of being served. 117 W. 10th St. (633-0348).

In less than a square mile, you can get on trains A-F, 1, 4-6, and 9. Plus at least two bus lines on each avenue. Enough said.

Cheap and plentiful ribs and chicken, amazing cornbread, and Texas-size frozen drinks make Dallas BBQ a neighborhood staple. Just remember not to leave the kid outside. 21 University Place (674-4450).

Spice Girls. On weekend nights, the Village is crawling with party girls who really want to be your lover, and they don’t care if you “get with” their friends (and I mean in the American sense of the word). Take your pick of Posh, Scary, and Sporty look-a-likes – no guarantees that you’ll come across anyone along the lines of that carrot-topped patriotic freak.

Star Magic. Crystals, tarot cards, silver drop earrings, glow-in-the-dark nail polish and pens and goo: The Broadway franchise of this city-wide chain will make you feel thirteen again. How would roomie feel about a solar system mobile? 198 Broadway (228-7770).

Small’s. Though the venue is tiny, this jazz club – non-alcoholic, f.y.i. – often hosts drop-by guests that are anything but small (James Carter, Eartha Kitt). There are two sets nightly: one until midnight, and another beginning at one and lasting till … whenever. The cover is $10, but will often be reduced for large groups or persistence. 183 W. 10th St. (929-7565).

The Christopher Street Park Statues. Love lasts forever. Well, at least for these particular happy couples, who are always around to provide company and inspiration in teeny, oval-shaped Christopher Street Park. Cast by George Segal in 1980, they weren’t placed in the park in 1992. Seventh Ave. and Christopher St.

Amazingly enough, Gray’s Papaya, a corner hot dog joint, does crackerjack business ’round the clock, including breakfast. We’re not sure we entirely trust any meat product that’s only costs 50 cents, but if all you’ve got left is pocket change (and you can’t find an ATM), Gray’s is here for you 24-7. 402 Ave. of the Americas (260-3532).

Virtually no lofts. Who said that in order to live the high life you’ve got to have unfinished floors, thousands of square feet with one bathroom, and really crappy heating? We Villagers are happy living in apartments with rooms, thank you.

50 Ways to Love…Greenwich Village (31-40)