Where Can I Get My Linen Jacket Dyed?

Ask New York, New York Magazine
Photo: Marcellus Hall

Q: I love the cut of my old linen jacket, but I’m tired of the color. Is there anywhere I can get it dyed for spring?

A: New York is filled with first-rate fabric designers, but most are to the trade only. One exception is the Martin Izquierdo Studio (118 West 22nd Street, 9th floor; 212-807-9757), which takes time out from Victoria’s Secret commissions to change the hue of everything from light spring jackets to billowy skirts ($125–$400; no stained or synthetic garments).

“We can also just freshen up the color—with a faded blue, for example, we can add red to make it more lavender,” says Izquierdo, who silk-screened the Spidey suits that Tobey Maguire wears in Spider-Man 2.

Another option is fashion-industry favorite Madame Paulette (1255 Second Avenue, near 66th Street; 212-838-6827), a couture cleaner who can solve a common post-wedding dilemma for $275 and up. “A lot of brides don’t know what to do with their silk-chiffon gowns after the big day,” says president John Mahdessian. “Get it dyed, and you’re set.”

Where Can I Get My Linen Jacket Dyed?