Where Can I Get a Foot Makeover?

Photo: Marcellus Hall

Q: I just tried on strappy sandals for the first time this year, and my feet look terrible! Making them presentable calls for something beyond a standard pedicure. What can I do?

A: David Colbert, a cosmetic dermatologist who has tended to Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett, has developed what he calls a “foot facial” to restore the tops and bottoms of feet. After a winter in Ugg boots, Colbert notes, “feet can be really thick, very scaly, and yellowish. This treatment is like peeling off the outer layers of an onion.”

A session at his Dermatology Atelier (119 Fifth Avenue, at 19th Street; 212-533-8888; around $300) begins with laser hair removal for the toe area, and on older, sun-damaged feet, laser toning to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Next comes a blast of microdermabrasion that removes dead skin and a glycolic-acid peel to melt off more layers and add a glow.

Colbert will also perform nail surgery, diagnose and treat foot fungus (more than a third of his gym-going patients suffer, most unaware), and give you a quick mole check. It’s not all torture, however. Acupressure massage and aromatherapy take your mind off your feet until they’re ready for their close-up.

Where Can I Get a Foot Makeover?