Who Can Make A Copy of My Fave Dress?

Photo: Marcellus Hall

Q: My favorite dress is wearing out—who can make me an exact copy?

A: If that ball gown you love is on life support, try these cloning specialists. Eva Devecsery and her team of eight tailors have copied countless couture pieces (201 East 61st Street, Suite 1; 212-751-6091; by appointment). “For good fabrics, you really need connections,” she says—and after 37 years in the business, the 80-year-old Hungarian-born seamstress can score Piacenza cashmere or the black crêpe de Chine used in Ungaro’s couture line this season. After a month’s time, including two fittings, you’ll have a perfect copy ($2,000 and up).

If your dress is more Gap than Gucci, take it to the dry-cleaning capital of the Upper East Side, Madame Paulette Custom Couture Cleaners (1255 Second Avenue, near 66th Street; 212-838-6827). Bring in your choice of fabric, and their team of tailors will whip up a copy in less than three weeks. They can also replicate a garment in a different size, in case your shape has, uh, changed. (Pants start at $150.)

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Who Can Make A Copy of My Fave Dress?