My Fave Lipstick Has Been Discontinued. Who Can Copy It?

Q: My favorite lipstick was discontinued—is there any place that can mix me the same shade?

A: When your color goes into an unexpected retirement, it’s like a breakup—painful, yes, but you can find a new perfect match. Giella (at Henri Bendel, 712 Fifth Avenue, near 56th Street; 212-904-7959; can mix and match a full range of products, from lip gloss to nail polish, all on site. Just bring in your old tube and Giella, using an arsenal of pigments and waxes, will stir up a dead-on duplicate. The process takes all of ten minutes, and costs $14 to $52. As in any good rebound relationship, Giella will even one-up your ex, adding anything from almond-grapeseed moisturizing oil (for moisturizing) or a sunblock agent. Once your shade is mixed, Giella keeps the formula on file, so next time you can order it without bringing in a sample. You even get to name your blend. (Check out Kristin Davis’s “Charlotte” shade.) If only love affairs were so easily settled.

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My Fave Lipstick Has Been Discontinued. Who Can C […]