Makeovers for men

Science Is Bliss
“I’ve been wanting to do this forever! It’s so much fun!” gushes Bliss founder Marcia Kilgore as she mixes two clear liquids, adds water, and – voilà! – creates a sweet-smelling cleansing milk. Kilgore’s chemistry set comes compliments of Remède, her recently revamped skin-care line that breaks down your beauty regimen into a series of products, which you then recombine to address your skin’s specific needs – factoring in climate and how many cigarettes you smoked the night before. The line comes in four categories – Dry/Dehydrated, Oily/Active, Sensitive/Delicate, and Mature/Fatigued – within which the permutations are endless. You can mix a cleanser with a primer for an extra-deep clean or customize your moisturizer with an exfoliant. And so on. “The skin just isn’t the same every day,” Kilgore explains. “Why should your products be?” (Prices range from $24 for a cleanser converter to $135 for intensive creams; available at Bliss Spas and Barneys New York.)

Domestic Peel
Since the popular power peel – which abrades the top layer of skin to give you a dewy look – costs hundreds of dollars, the trick is to maintain that fresh face for as long as possible between treatments. So Completely Bare is launching Completely Buff, which contains the same microcrystals of aluminum oxide used in power peels. Simply mix your regular cleanser with the grains to prevent that pasty city look from reappearing ($24 at Completely Bare, 764 Madison Avenue, near 65th Street).

He’s So Vain
Admit it, Mr. Macho: You’re competing with your squeeze for mirror time and have made repeat trips to the Kiehl’s counter. But are you man enough to make an appointment for a pedicure? SkinCareLab, the brainchild of dermatologist Brad Katchen, is dedicated to making the cosmetically adventurous male feel at ease. The spa offers a guy-friendly menu of facials, massage, medical services (chemical peels, Botox, and collagen injections are available at the doctor’s office downstairs), and, starting next month, manicures and pedicures. The best thing about the calm, minimalist design is the privacy – so you and that pal from last Sunday’s rugby scrum won’t run into each other padding around in fluffy robes. Each client gets his own room and private shower. (SkinCareLab, 568 Broadway, at Prince Street, Suite 403).

Om Furnishings
First a tapas restaurant and now a spa shop; ABC Carpet & Home doesn’t miss a trend. The newly opened spa and beauty department features white waffled robes, stone incense holders, velour laundry bags, and a range of treatment lines, including John Masters hair products, muslin-encased organic soaps from Turkey, and Tipton Charles aromatherapy goodies. ABC is also kicking around the idea of providing spa services and regular visits from professionals who will offer classes in meditation and yoga. Just watch out for those antique cabinets during the sun salutation. (ABC Carpet & Home; 888 Broadway, near 19th Street.)

Editor’s Pick
A Tale of Two Glosses
The shimmer of gloss, used on the lips to tone down vibrant lipstick or for a bare daytime look – or to add sparkle to the rest of you – is huge for spring. Clinique’s Glosswear Doubles give lips two options in a double set of fuchsia and orange ($13.50), while Lancôme’s Gommettes stack a baby-pink gloss with a container of iridescent flakes that reflect the light and adhere anywhere you want some attention-getting shine ($20). Both are due in stores next month.

Makeovers for men