The Brooke Shields eyebrow returns

High Brow
You may be too demure to sport bumble-bee stripes or Balenciaga frills, but another eighties-inspired trend is far easier to pull off: the Brooke Shields eyebrow. Model-of-the-moment Anouk sports the bushier brow, and designers Jeremy Scott, Tom Ford for Yves Saint Laurent, and Ann Demeulemeester all sent beefy-browed models down the runway at their fall 2001 shows. (There were unibrows at Christian Dior, but that’s taking things a bit far.) The wilder brow still requires work – and some patience. Thanks to several seasons of ultrathin arches, brow guru Eliza Petrescu at the Avon Salon & Spa says she’s been sending women back home to wait for regrowth before she lays hands on them. “It takes six months to a year for brows to grow back,” she explains. “As I’ve always told women: Think of the future of your face!”

The Specialists
For more than three years, two former Kiehl’s employees and an art-world pal have been creating couture cosmetics for clients like Penélope Cruz and Juliette Binoche at Three Custom Color Special-ists. Now they’ve launched their first full ready-to-wear line, including mascara, lipsticks, brow powders, blush, and eye shadows. The shadows, which can be applied dry or wet, come in twenty col-ors, and each shade is available in either cool or warm tones to suit your skin. But don’t fear: The company will still match those discontinued blushes and lipsticks you’ve loved since seventh grade. (Prices range from $12.50 to $45, at Henri Bendel, 712 Fifth Avenue, at 56th Street.)

Tricomi’s New ‘Do
While we’ve been busily bobbing our hair, the Warren-Tricomi Salon has been quietly planning urban expansion. In June, the owners of the 57th Street salon are taking over the spa at The Sports Club/L.A. in Rockefeller Center, and by summer’s end, they will open a second Warren-Tricomi salon at 18 West 23rd Street, in partnership with hairstylist Patrick Melville, whose clients include Catherine Zeta-Jones and Uma Thurman. The Flatiron spot will have two separate floors, one for hair and one for spa and nail services.

Sweet and Glow
Salt scrubs have long been the exfoliant of choice, but a sweeter abrasive is gaining ground: sugar scrubs, which are milder and less drying than their salty cousins. Gwyneth Paltrow has indulged in the treatment at the Thibiant Day Spa in Beverly Hills, and the Acqua Beauty Bar – which recently opened at 7 East 14th Street – offers a tasty brown-sugar glow, followed by a coconut-milk splash. Estée Lauder and Helena Rubinstein have packaged the stuff; Rubinstein sells a Sweet Sugar Body Scrub ($30 at Helena Rubinstein, 135 Spring Street), and Lauder has introduced Crystal Glow Sugar Rub as part of its new Private Spa Collection ($35 at Bloomingdale’s and Saks Fifth Avenue). Estée Lauder also offers a professional application at its Bloomingdale’s spa as part of a 75-minute Private Spa Getaway package ($120). All of which should leave you smelling like candy.

Editor’s Pick
Linda Cantello Licks
Makeup artist Linda Cantello is known for her wild looks on the runway, but her new cosmetic line, launching at Bergdorf Goodman April 17, is aimed at real women. Her six lip glosses, called Licks, look vivid in the tube, but they add only a subtle shine (plus smoothing infusions of vitamins E and B5, and beta-hydroxy exfoliators) and skip the cloying fruit taste of most glosses in favor of herbal flavors like cardamom, ginger, and rosemary ($16.50; 754 Fifth Avenue, at 57th Street).

The Brooke Shields eyebrow returns