Sun-blocking detergents

So, you thought that tossing a shirt over your bathing suit was enough to ward off the sun’s damaging glare? Today’s feisty rays aren’t deterred by the ozone layer, so your clothes are no great challenge, either – and the average T-shirt has a UPF (ultraviolet-protection factor) of only 5. Rather than sliming your favorite tee with greasy lotion from your body, you can now add sunblock to your clothing, right in the wash cycle. Rit has just introduced Sun Guard (around $3, coming soon to Rite Aid), a laundry treatment that it claims blocks 96 percent of UVA and UVB rays and lasts through twenty washings. Now if only they’d invent something to keep the sand out, too.

Steam Room Service
The Hamptons’ most high-end hostelry just got a little more luxe. The J. Harper Poor Cottage, a converted Tudor home with gardens and cushy king-size rooms in East Hampton, has added a small but well-appointed spa. It offers body scrubs and massage, including aromatherapy, deep-tissue, sports, and craniosacral, plusyoga and personal training. And while there are just a few cardiovascular machines and only a small exercise pool, there shouldn’t be too much of a crowd to contend with. The spa is exclusively for hotel use – and there are only five rooms. (181 Main Street; 631-324-4081.)

Editor’s Pick
Hermes 24, Faubourg
Summer may not generally be a time for sobering up, but we’ll make an exception for Hermès’s 24, Faubourg Eau de Soleil, the new alcohol-free version of the company’s signature fragrance. Lighter than the original, the summer collection features cologne ($65), body gel ($35), and a dry oil spray ($45) and won’t irritate your sunburn – not that you’d get one of those. Available at Hermès (691 Madison, at 62nd Street).

Head Into Summer
Five top stylists pick their favorite hot-weather products (made – surprise! – by other people).

Hair Guru: Frederic Fekkai
Product:Olive oil and apple cider – after all, his motto is “The most natural is the most beautiful.”
Why It’s a Must:”Olive oil moisturizes the hair and scalp, while apple cider strips beach and pool residue from the hair – be sure to rinse it off with cold water.”

Hair Guru: Peter Coppola
Product:Phytodéfrisant Relaxing Balm and Kiehl’s Extra-Strength Styling Gel
Why It’s a Must:”Summer invites bad-hair days. Kiehl’s gel adds body to counteract limpness. I fight the frizzies with phyto – it makes hair much smoother.”

Hair Guru: Mark Garrison
Product:Philip B. Rejuvenating Oil and ARTec Texture Shine pomade
Why It’s a Must:”The oil is good for dry hair that’s been hitting the beach. And if you have a short, trendy cut, the pomade will add definition to your layers.”

Hair Guru: Simon
Product:Graham Webb Stick Straight Curl Relaxer and ARTec Color Shampoo
Why It’s a Must:”The curl relaxer takes the frizz out without leaving hair sticky, and the shampoo will maintain color even in tough summer conditions.”

Hair Guru: Ishi
Product:Kiehl’s Creme with Silk Groom – and fresh lemons
Why It’s a Must:”Silk Groom supports hair without making it too firm or stiff. And lemon juice will bring out your hair’s natural highlights in the summer sun.”

Sun-blocking detergents