Lining Up for Fall

Pregnant Draws
Everyone, it seemed, from rock stars (Tico Torres and Cinzia Spalletti’s Rockstarbaby; Russell Simmons’s Baby Phat) to top-flight fashion houses (Gucci – need we say more?) had gone baby crazy. Finally, mom-to-be is getting some attention again. Selph, a new line of gentle bath and beauty remedies ($14 to $38 at Pea in the Pod), is specially designed for the expectant-mom set without ingredients like vitamin A that can potentially harm developing babies. For pregnant moms tired of wearing their husbands’ sweatpants to the gym, the Belly Basics crew (which was behind the best-selling Pregnancy Survival Kit) is about to roll out a line of chic, belly-accommodating workout gear, from bootleg-cut yoga unitards to athletic shorts ($29 to $79 at Equinox). Perfect for those who actually hit the gym and those who just want to look like they do.

Chat Room
When apartments go as high as $13 million in a building, you’d better offer some amenities. The Chatham has found a good one: a branch of the Paul Labrecque salon and spa, which will be twice the size of the one in the Reebok club on Columbus Avenue. The spa, due to open in late November, will feature a salon section overlooking the gardens and contain a scalp-treatment area, a men’s barbershop modeled after a British gentleman’s club, an espresso bar serving spa fare, and a store. Treatments are up-to-the-minute, including acupuncture, hypnotherapy, scrubs, wraps, and a long massage menu, including reiki and Rolfing. And Chatham residents should be particularly pleased. Not only will they have a separate entrance and call-in service, they will receive special pre-opening goody bags and a 10 percent discount they so badly need.

Nail Pile
We thought we’d seen the outer reaches of manicure fashion over the past few years, what with all those hip-hop-inspired dollar-bill decals and diamond chips. But Lancôme is taking talon adornment to a new level, unleashing faux-fur nails for fall. “It’s gothic, and great for the holidays,” explains a Lancôme spokeswoman of the nails, which come in packs of ten with multiple glue pads for reusability. But she issues this warning: “You might not want to wear them to the office or on a first date.” Don’t worry too much about not having enough appropriate occasions. They’ll certainly come in handy at the end of October, when you’re searching for that perfect set of paws for your costume ($22.50 at Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s).

Lining Up for Fall
For beauty buffs, the thing that stands out most on those Madonna posters plastered all around town is the dramatic black line tracing her eyes. Not surprisingly, she’s hit on a trend: Versace, Calvin Klein, and Marc Jacobs all sent their models down the runway with heavy precision eyeliner. Since pencils just won’t do the trick, Nars is introducing Liquid Eyeliner ($27 at Barneys and Sephora), Chanel will release Liquid Eyelines in black mocha ($28.50 at Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue), and Anna Sui will launch Liquid Eyeliner ($19 at Henri Bendel and Anna Sui boutiques). So pull out those old Audrey Hepburn photos and start drawing.

Editor’s Pick
Creed Homebody Scents
Thanks to unisex fragrances, we need not clash with the scents of our mates, and now we don’t even have to clash with the scent of our couch. In October, Creed is launching three Homebody scents – ranging from floral to spicy – to be sprayed on yourself (whichever sex you are) and your furniture, closets, shelves, lights, or bedsheets. (A 90-ml spray, $98, will be available at Creed stores and Bergdorf Goodman; refills will be available for $50.)

Lining Up for Fall