Fill Me Up

Wrinkle-conscious New Yorkers—and the doctors who love them—have been buzzing about (illegal) Restylane because it lasts longer than collagen (six months versus three).

But now BioForm, Inc., has come up with an alternative injectable filler that will stay in place for two years.

Radiance, which hit the market last month, is synthetic “calcium hydroxylapatite,” a substance used to replace missing bone (where did I put my femur?). Since it’s been approved by the FDA for such uses as treating incontinence (by beefing up bladder walls), it can also be legally administered for “off-label” purposes.

And how … “Radiance works best for fleshier areas like the nasal labial folds and lips rather than for fine lines,” says cosmetic surgeon Lawrence Reed.

Dermatologist Patricia Wexler also injects the new filler: “I think it’s going to have a big place for patients with facial wasting, like those with HIV, and for people with deeper furrows.”

Each shot costs $1,500, but it does (ostensibly) last. “People are busy,” says Reed. “They can’t run to the doctor every couple of months. And I’ve had no complaints—yet.”

Fill Me Up