Junko Higuchi

Photo: Brad Paris

What’s the biggest sale you’ve ever made?
Two million dollars to one client; it was a very big, very, very rare diamond ring.

How did you celebrate?
I bought the big cake for everybody.

How can you tell if men are buying jewelry for their mistresses?
They’re paying in cash, and they don’t send any information, or they say, “Don’t send me anything.” If they give us an address, it will be an office address. Not the home address.

Has someone ever tried on a ring and it won’t come off?
It happens. You have to make the hand cold, but most people lick their finger. That’s very annoying. I don’t want to touch it afterward.

What’s your take on bling?
Bling makes Harry Winston look better. There are two camps: costume jewelry and fine jewelry. Bling is in between.

Junko Higuchi