‘King’ Willie Howard III

Photo: Brad Paris

Why do you work at a toy store?
Because I looove kids. I love getting into costumes and interacting with them.

Does that get tiring?
No, I love it! I provide the wow experience.

Do kids mistake you for Santa?
No, I’m regal; I have a big crown. And I get a queen during the holidays.

What’s the queen’s role?
To be by my side.

What are the hottest toys this season?
Hummer remote controls. I’m going to get one myself. I looove cars. I have a Chrysler PT Cruiser with a burglar alarm and a horn. When I take it outside, all the kids follow me.

Very Pied Piper. So are you a Toys ’R’ Us kid?
Yes! And I love it!

‘King’ Willie Howard III