Sarah Pinto

Photo: Brad Paris

Is H&M clothing cheap?
It’s good quality for the price you pay. It’s not 100 percent perfect. We have amazing suits, the jackets are really well made, the wool is strong, and there’s cashmere.

It must be exhausting to work there.
We have mass amounts of girls coming in to look for some kind of little top. But the day can be slow, too. And the shriekers make everything exciting and new again. They’re actually tourists most of the time.

Then Karl Lagerfeld arrived.
The opening day was like nothing I had ever seen. They were trampling each other. They didn’t care what they were buying, they were just grabbing Lagerfeld stuff.

How much do you clean up after your customers?
In a very messy fitting room, there are about 500 items. We just changed the policy to ten per person. We never had a limit. People would bring in 30 bathing suits.

Sarah Pinto