Alveen Dabandan

Photo: Brad Paris

Why does that arch have “Sweat Equity Bank of New York” written on it?
The men’s section is designed as a replica of a place in Frank Miller’s comic book Sin City. We let graffiti artists tag the walls up.

Who’s your customer?
A rebel. We get a lot of really weird and rude people. Some of them are out of it—maybe drunk.

It seems like everyone who works here is pierced.
Yeah. I have five in total.What’s the allure?
Because my parents told me not to.Any tattoos?
Not yet, but I’m going to get a life-size gun on my hip and a mushroom on my back.

Do you skate?
I don’t grind; I just ride from A to B. No kick-flips or anything, just your basic ollie.

Which is the most irreverent patch or button in the store?
The one that says FUCK. Just the word. I wouldn’t want my grandma to see that.

Alveen Dabandan