Caitlin Condy

Photo: Brad Paris

What kind of parent shops here?
The women are very hip. A lot of them shop in the middle of the day. They’re not desperate housewives, you know what I mean?

What about the fathers?
They walk in looking nervous, dazed. They don’t want to make a decision.

How much money do people spend?
I’ve had single sales upwards of $1,500. At the beginning, I was shocked. They just really like dressing their kids up; I don’t want to say it’s like a hobby.

Do the children say thank-you?
Unprompted? Not many.

Are the clothes dry-clean only?
Our fall-winter collection was, mostly. We had a lot of cashmere. A lot of kids can’t deal with wool.

They know the difference?
Sure. They know what looks good on them, too. I had a 6-year-old who wanted a fitted sweater. His mom got him one, then saw a pair of pants and said, “Oh, these are nice and casual.” And he goes, “Casual? I look great in casual!”

Caitlin Condy