Gerry Laboy

Photo: Brad Paris

You stock about 200,000 cigars. I wouldn’t know where to begin.
Think about the last nine meals you had, find the common denominator. Was your morning toast well-done? Were the French fries you had last night burnt? There’s your taste.

But women don’t smoke cigars.
Yes, they do, and a good 70 percent of them are very studious. They like something strong and full-bodied. Once you get past the affectation of the physical, why shouldn’t women enjoy the flavors of a good tobacco?

Best breath mint?
Anything that kills the dragon.

What’s the difference between pipe and cigar smokers?
The pipe smoker is subtler, more laid-back. Seldom is he kinetic. Cigar smokers are more sensual, tactile, like the habit itself.

Do men make fools of themselves pretending to know about cigars?
We had a guy who said his cigar wouldn’t draw, and we had to say, “Excuse me, sir, you have to cut it at the other end to get air through it.”

Gerry Laboy