Heather Yoo

Photo: Brad Paris

So Frank Gehry helped design the store.
Yes. He’s a very pleasant man, doesn’t say much. His idea was to bring this tornado that starts from the basement and curls and covers the whole ceiling, twisting—like our pleated garments are twisted.

The Guggenheim Bilbao developed stains. How’s your titanium holding up?
It’s fine. We just clean with a gentle cloth, no product. Cleaners come every morning to reach the parts up high that we can’t get to.

I read that Issey thinks he designs for “regular people.”
He does, though. His very first assignment a long, long time ago was a Coca-Cola deliveryman’s uniform. Nobody knows this story but me. He stood in front of a Coca-Cola truck for weeks and watched deliverymen move to make sure his design would be comfortable and functional. That’s the same idea he’s had for 30 years.

How functional is his A-POC line? It comes in a pizza box with assembly instructions.
We explain to people that you have to play with Issey’s clothes. If you want, we can go over to your place and help you put them on. Matter of fact, yesterday, on my day off, I helped a woman get dressed. Sometimes you put his clothing on upside down and it looks great. You’re not going to look or feel awkward.

Except in the restroom downstairs, which Gehry designed as well.
Yes, there are mirrors behind the toilet. Just don’t turn around!

Heather Yoo