Vincenzo Sciacchitano

Photo: Brad Paris

You have two assistants. Are you top dog?
I’m the No. 1 salesperson in the world of Armani.

Do you tell people that at parties?
I don’t. You have to be cool. Usually people discover me. The first time they work with me, it’s like, “You’re incredible.” I’m a find.

Ever get jealous of people’s wardrobes?
I don’t. But I spend so much energy on my clients that when I get dressed, I wear jeans at the last minute. I used to be amazing. I was so passionate about dressing up, I’d walk into a room and people would say, Who is that?

Where’s a good place to buy affordable, well-tailored suits?
Banana Republic does great knockoffs. Hugo Boss has the ugliest suits; the shoulders are huge. They look like zoot suits.

Who’s vainer: men or women?
Men. Forget it: They’re wild. These guys can break the world in two, but they’re so not sure of themselves. Women always say the same thing: “I’m fat.”

Have you ever fallen in love with a client?
No, but clients have fallen in love with me. In this industry I cannot play macho. Most clients who get close to me are sort of confused. They get so possessive.

They’re eating out of the palm of your hand.
It’s a big responsibility. It’s like I come with a guarantee attached. People call me on a weekend because they don’t know what kind of bra to wear. My next phone number will be private.

Vincenzo Sciacchitano