Michelle Jean-Pierre

Photo: Brad Paris

Cavalli screams “animal print” to me. Is that fair?
We do sell loud prints. It’s all about sexy.

How is Cavalli different from Dolce & Gabbana?
We’re sexier.

How long have you worked there?
Three years. I used to be in Miami, but New Yorkers are just as crazy. Although in Miami, they picked up the minidresses faster.

Is that because Miamians have better legs?
New Yorkers do. We walk more.

Why do people associate animal print with tarty behavior?
Leopards are quite aggressive animals. So maybe it makes people feel more aggressive?

Pumped up with sexual adrenaline?
Yeah. I’m more reserved. I’m not really in touch with my animal side.

Which star wears Cavalli best?
Beyoncé. Her curves carry the line very well.

What are you saving up for in the store?
Jeans with Swarovski crystals. That’s what I call Cavalli art.

Do you wear Cavalli out?
Yes. I’m a party animal; you have to be to work here. Our clientele ask us where to go. I like Marquee, Cain, and 49 Grove. Now the best clubs are in west Chelsea, not the meatpacking district.

What’s the craziest party you’ve been to lately?
Butter on Monday. Lots of models and celebrities go there.

What are your velvet-rope tactics?
I’m never on the list. I usually go with friends who know someone, and I’m friends with promoters.

Michelle Jean-Pierre