Tristan Chen

Photo: Brad Paris

How many pairs of glasses do you own?

Wow. Which is your favorite?
Three-quarters are Aviators in various colors—I’ve got this quote-unquote fetish for them. I love my Oliver Peoples Victory shades: They’re custom-tinted to a very nice blue with a mirror coating.

How do you clean them?
I use the old-school soap-and-water method. You should clean your glasses as often as you brush your teeth. That’s how you preserve the lenses.

I have a round face; what shape should I get?
Size is more important. Make sure your eyeballs are as close to the center of the lenses as possible. That’s crucial.

Who’s your favorite designer?
Oliver Peoples. Paul Smith is the best fashion brand. Christian Roth has a hot line of sunglasses that’s popular with glamorous women. Lindberg titanium frames are minimal, versatile, super-durable, and comfortable. We had a customer who ran over a pair with his car. The frame survived.

What about street vendors for sunglasses?
You can’t know for sure if they have proper UV protection. It’s like playing roulette. The sun will destroy your retinas.

Scary. Do you wear shades indoors?
No, except when I go clubbing, because it’s fashionable and sometimes you don’t want to see people.

Are glasses sexy?
Yes. They’re like a mask—you always want to see what’s behind.

Tristan Chen