Megumi Homma

Photo: Brad Paris

Have you ever met Yohji?
Yes. He has an aura. He just lives in a different space.

What did you say?
“I love the collection.” He smiled, and didn’t say a word.

Do New Yorkers shop differently from the Japanese?
Here, clothes are either cheap or expensive. In Japan, there is much more in between Gap and Prada.

What’s the appeal of Yohji’s clothing?
It’s very constructed—architectural and asymmetrical. When you see it, it’s very unbalanced, but once you put it on, it somehow makes sense.

To wear it, do you need a certain …
Personality? Yes.

So I guess meatheads aren’t buying his athletic wear.
Y-3, a collaboration with Adidas, is expanding because of American demand. This season, it’s Russian-inspired.

What other Japanese designers should I look out for?
Under Cover is getting popular here, and Number Nine. They’re more underground streetwear designers—washed, discolored, patched-up jeans.

What’s your favorite piece this season?
What I’m wearing in this photograph: a jacket made of six layers of chiffon.

A dry-cleaning nightmare.
Yes, and I don’t trust dry cleaners. I’m very happy with GG in Soho.

Is Yohji ever going to come out with a dog line?
I don’t want to offend dog lovers, but Yohji is over 60 years old. He has five lines. One more would be too much.

Megumi Homma