Gretchen Broussard

Photo: Brad Paris

You sell things for cramped apartments.
My husband and I were inspired by our 200-square-foot studio. Every cubic foot was totally maxed out, the walls were covered, we were tired of our loft bed. Keep your distance from the ceiling, or you feel like you’re in a coffin.

My domestic bête noire is the towel that never dries.
Yes, we have a heated towel rack for that. You leave it on after the shower, and it dries out the towel.

Isn’t that a fire hazard?
No, they’re on timers.

What’s the tiniest thing in your store?
Tabasco bottles.

How should I shape up my tiny apartment for a holiday party?
Impromptu seating options are good. We have appetizer trays that fit a glass on the side so people don’t leave them everywhere.

Those look totally precarious.
We also have glass clips that go on the side of a plate. I’ve had people buy those when they go to weddings because they don’t have free hands when they’re being introduced to everyone.

They bring booze clips?
Yes, they’re cool: stainless steel.

What do your customers struggle with most?
Lack of kitchen counter space and closet space. For the kitchen, compact two-tiered dish racks and magnetic items, like salt and pepper shakers you can put on the fridge, or on your front door, are great solutions.

Who has salt and pepper shakers stuck to their front door?
We do.

Gretchen Broussard