Paula Pritchett

Photo: Brad Paris

What do you love about your job?
The customer that doesn’t have to worry about price. They have taste, know fashion, and want things as soon as they come in.

How do you preserve such delicate clothing?
I’ll turn something inside out. Some customers have a labeled garment bag for every outfit, with photos attached to each.

Which item has the longest reserve list?
The Paddington bag. It has a big padlock in the front. We have lists five pages long for each color. People try to get to the top of those lists, all day long.

What are your favorite fall trends?
I love the men’s slouchy-trouser look. I always tell my customers that pants should drape, not hug; it doesn’t have to be tight to be sexy.

Do women raid the store when a season begins?
Yes. We had someone today who spent $20,000. That’s not an impulse buy. That’s focused.

Where else do you shop?
I don’t. All my clothing is from here. My discount is off wholesale, so I have very big personal orders.

What’s your storage solution?
I’m looking for a new apartment for that very reason.

Paula Pritchett