Nelson Pitts and Colyn Hunt

Photo: Brad Paris

How much coffee do you drink?
Hunt: Tons. I go to coffee shops after work. Pitts: I used to drink thirteen cups a day. Now I get shaky, so I’m trying to lie low.

What’s your favorite coffee?
Pitts: I love our new Guatemalan Coban. The best I’ve ever had is Arabian Mocha Mattari from Yemen. The aroma reminds me of pencil shavings.

What rare coffee do people ask for?
Pitts: Malabar Monsoon, which I believe is from India. They leave the beans out during monsoon season so they mold. There’s also a coffee derived from monkey poop. The English are really into that.

How do you make coffee at home?
Pitts: I use a Melitta. It’s a plastic cup that sits on top of your mug. You put a paper filter in and pour water through. The way it releases aroma is great. For me, 50 percent of enjoying coffee is the smell. I’ll get on the subway and realize I have coffee grinds smeared across my face.

So are you romantically involved?
Hunt: No, but people ask if we’re a married couple or brother and sister at least once a day.

Do you always dress like this at work?
Pitts: Some days we’ll both wear Boy Scout uniforms, just for the hell of it. I have a line of clothing—it sets out to redefine and dominate the human form. My first show is Wednesday of Fashion Week at the flower shop Spruce in Chelsea.

Nelson Pitts and Colyn Hunt