Matt Falcone

Photo: Brad Paris

What’s the best thing about working at ABC?
It’s a sanctuary. It’s a museum. It’s a bazaar. It’s theater. It’s like being in a Broadway show.

What’s your definition of modern?
I’ll defer to Eastern philosophy on that one. Modern is all about bringing natural elements from outside to the indoor environment. Think Noguchi, or Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater house. It’s not about being stark or minimal. Do you know that studies have proven that stark is stressful?

Who’s your favorite designer?
I’m more interested in the anonymous guy who designed that gorgeous little turn-of-the-century French table. It’s like, Who was that guy?

What’s the coolest thing a couple can register for at ABC that they can’t at, say, Pottery Barn?
A chandelier. We have amazing ones.

What’s popular for fall?
Our Grounded collection of one-of-a-kind reclaimed and recycled furniture. The biggest hit is the Suzani line—immaculate 60- to 100-year-old Lebanese tapestries paired with contemporary furniture frames.

Have you picked up any good house-hunting tips from customers?
Get a west- or southwest-facing apartment, and never have a north-facing bedroom. Layout is more important than square feet.

When you go to a friend’s home, are you compelled to discuss the furniture?
No! No, no, no. No.

Matt Falcone