Thomas Trube

Photo: Brad Paris

Why is the store called Puma Black?
It’s a different division. We only stock designer collaborations.

How can you tell a customer is a serious collector?
They’ll be wearing the most hard-to-get shoe. Right now, it’s the Shanghai Tang collaboration.

When will you have the new Alexander McQueen?
All I can say is February.

Run-DMC sang “My Adidas.” Who should sing about Puma?
Obviously Erykah Badu, because her child’s name is Puma.

What’s the most valuable sneaker you own?
We don’t say sneaker. We say shoe. It’s the Spinta Kevlar + Gold, just out this week. It’s real-gold-plated, made with fireproof Kevlar.

Is that really necessary?
It’s inspired by Motocross pit-crew shoes. Motocross is bigger than ever.Are you an athlete yourself?
Equinox, five days a week. I take dance and yoga. I try not to wear head-to-toe Puma when I work out because that’s embarrassing. And I run.

Do you sell a fancy running shoe?
We do have a new interactive shoe with a downloadable map of running paths in major cities, so you can look at it on your iPod when you run.

Puma once did ginseng-scented workout clothing. What fragrance would you infuse your sweats with?

Like the talking bear?
Yes. I love Snuggle.

Thomas Trube