Annie Yeh

Photo: Brad Paris

Nearly all Theory clothes have Lycra in them. Why is that?
So that women can have a feminine-looking suit, fitted and sexy. Most of our customers are busy women whose wardrobes are mainly Theory—it’s an easy, one-stop shop. Some stay-at-home moms, too—we’re on the Upper West Side.

Are there any regulars?
Random old women who live in rent-stabilized apartments who just want to talk. They’ll stop in and reminisce about their past for an hour. It’s uncomfortable.

What’s your favorite thing in the store?
Our skinny pants. We started making 00’s last fall. I’m a size 00, so that was the most amazing thing ever.

Oh, no—are the 00’s making the 0’s feel inadequate?
No, because we have really petite women who are always hemming their pants. This is for them, not women trying to fit into the smallest size.

Where else do you shop?
My favorite is Lyell—classic, vintage-inspired silhouettes in novelty fabrics. And I make a lot of my own clothes.

Of course you do. Did you go to FIT?
Yes. I’ve always wanted to be a designer, but my parents were really against it. Even though my dad was a dressmaker in Taiwan.

Who would you apprentice for?
Stella McCartney. I like to rock out a little. And she’s conscious of the environment and animals, stuff like that.

What’s your favorite fall trend?
Volume. I like wearing oversize things even though I’m little. I weigh 95 pounds.

Annie Yeh