Jamie Gray

Photo: Brad Paris

Are you Brooklyn’s answer to Moss?
Moss is amazing, but we’re totally divergent. Moss is like a museum. I have a more intimate setting where customers can touch just about anything. I’d be out of business if I didn’t allow dogs and strollers in here. This is Park Slope.

What’s the most popular home ornament in Park Slope?
I can’t divulge that—everyone would stop buying it. People want to believe they’re individualists.

What kind of design do you like?
Palpable, approachable work. I love Dutch design for its sense of humor. Hella Jongerius has a great rhetoric.

You studied sculpture at Pratt. Do you sell your own work?
My sculpture project has become my store. But my partner and I are starting our own collection called Brooklyn Royal, which will include everything from furniture to jewelry.

Do you receive unsolicited ceramics from local potters?
Of course. It’s tough. I have a certain sensibility, and I’m proud of its cohesiveness. So I say no because of that more often than because the work is bad.

Is your home as well curated as the store?
I can’t afford anything in my store. I’m kidding. My bedroom consists of nothing more than a king-size bed and an Amy Cutler print called Cake Toss. She was in the Whitney Biennial.

Are you a design snob?
No, just particular.

Jamie Gray