Oscar Adames

Photo: Brad Paris

Why do you work in the jeans department?
I am obsessed with denim. I try all of it on.

Women’s jeans too?
I’m wearing them now. A lot of men do because they want the low-rider—so they can show their pubic muscles.

How do you wash your jeans?
Inside out, in cold water, to keep the denim dark. And hang them dry. They go back to their original stiffness. If the denim is loosening up, I wash them in hot water and semi-dry them. Do not dry-clean your denim often.

What are the best jeans for a larger body?
Joe’s Jeans and James jeans make your hips look smaller and give you lift on the butt. Back pockets are very important: They should fall right where your butt line finishes. Any lower will shave three inches off your height. James jeans have a little pocket detail that pushes your butt up and condenses everything into one big cleavage pile.

That’s attractive?
Yes. Just like you have a $200 push-up bra, you should have $132 push-up jeans.

What’s the next trend?
High-rise jeans—like, seven inches–plus—are going to hit hard. Remember Marilyn Monroe?

Aren’t low-rise jeans still wildly popular?
They need to go. The sexy moms don’t want to show their piggy-bank slot. Every girl on Fifth Avenue is giving me a little secret. Don’t show me your secret. Say no to butt crack. It’s not sexy.

Oscar Adames