Evelyn Goldstein

Photo: Brad Paris

What’s the “It” toy this season?
The World Map. It’s a full-size wall map with Velcroed pieces—little capitals, trees. Or having your image permanently put on an Etch-a-Sketch board. It’s done manually by an artist who then fixes it so it can’t be moved.

Do you still carry the Tom Hanks floor piano?
Yes. It’s only $250,000. We still employ the choreographer that they used for the scene. We found him at Steps on Broadway dance studio.

Have you danced on the keyboard?

You must get passionate collectors. Who’s your favorite?
The doll people. They have special rooms and fixtures built in their homes just for display. One of my collectors built a special room in his Hamptons house for his Barbies.

What are they going crazy over now?
Our limited-edition Jason Wu doll has created a frenzy. It’s the I’ll-figure-out-how-to-pay-for-it-but-I-need-it frenzy.

Is it possible to rent out the entire store?
It is. It’s called the “Ultimate Sleepover”: eleven hours for $25,000. Families come in at 9 p.m., have dinner in the ice-cream parlor, sleep in sleeping bags, and leave at 8 a.m.

How do you make sure the family doesn’t eat the entire chocolate volcano?
Security guards spend the night too.

Are kids in Manhattan jaded about Santa Claus?
No, enough of them do believe. They just think that Santa e-mails.

Evelyn Goldstein