Douglas Chen

Photo: Brad Paris

I love your outfit.
The cardigan is Prada. I’m going to sound really gross—the tie is a fifteen-year-old Chanel that I got at Bergdorf way back when. And the pants are Dior Homme.

Is the undone shirt and loosened tie knot a signature look?
All the years we’ve worked together, Linda’s just kept telling me to relax. So this is an outward manifestation of how I’ve changed.

What’s doing well at the store now?
Roland Mouret is very, very hot. I get calls for his dresses every day.

What’s your buying philosophy?
We find the pieces that are integral to the message of the season. But we don’t want to insult customers with pieces that are not understandable either. People just aren’t in the mood right now for overly conceptual clothes.

Is there something that’s getting a lot of press that doesn’t resonate in the shop?
That mod, sixties trend. We didn’t even bother to torment our customers with it.

Who are your favorite emerging designers?
In New York, Jean Yu. Also Costello Tagliapietra, two gentlemen. And in Italy, a gentleman named Albino. It’s pronounced Al-bee-no.

Have you ever seen Linda in slippers and sweats on a sick day?
I spend three days at her house after each European show and crank out orders. Um, do I want to tell you this? I’ve seen Linda in every form of dress, let’s just put it that way.

Douglas Chen