Vivian Verlaan

Photo: Brad Paris

If there’s one kind of snob I like, it’s a paper snob. Are you one?
I really love paper. I make paper jewelry with scissors and X-Acto knives. With e-mail, it’s become a desirable commodity rather than a necessity.

So you must make your own holiday cards.
Yes. This year, I’m layering different paper using glitter, ribbon, and a scalloped edge. I love to embellish the envelope.

What are the big sellers this year?
Custom-printed Claudia Calhoun cards, which use a delicate typesetting and minimal graphics. Robert Sambuda’s MoMA pop-up cards are very cool. And the Victorian look—vintage-inspired cards and a wax envelope seal—is popular. It’s different from last year, when photo cards were in demand.

Who’s the best gift wrapper here?
Me. But we all train intensely. We have a signature straight pleat, the corners are square, and there are no visible seams.

What are the signs of gift-wrap failure?
Nervousness. The pleats aren’t straight or the corners aren’t done, or they’re uneven.

How can I wrap like you?
Use double-stick tape, and put it in the seams so no flares come off. Never put tape on the actual box or outside of the package. Incorporate another paper that plays off the main one. If you’re wrapping a white box, use our Mulberry paper, which shows texture and paper strands through the light.

So is Kate real?
Kate exists, though I’ve never met her.

Vivian Verlaan