Best Bets

Hartmann's Luxurious Leather
Photo: Takao Ikejiri

The Best Bet
In a world populated by indistinguishable black nylon wheelie drones, high-end luggage maker Hartmann’s luxurious leather collection, augmented with zebra- or cheetah-print calf hair, is a sight for bored eyes. The 22-inch mobile traveler is just as durable as its utilitarian cousins and comes equipped with a removable (washable) canvas lining, a shoe bag, and a mini cosmetics case. A clear plastic case is included for added protection from the rough-and-tumble. (Prices for the collection range from $195 to $1,295; made to order at

Photo: Jennifer Karady

(1) Puma made only 500 pairs of this slip-on faux-calf-hair sneaker (the layered design is based on samurai shoulder armor); 30 are available in New York ($180 at Barneys New York).

(2) Finding an original drawing by legendary shoe designer Roger Vivier isn’t easy, but Liz O’Brien has eight of his pencil and gouache sketches, framed, for $2,800 each (212-755-3800).

(3) Sambazon has introduced the bottled smoothie made with Acai berry, from the Amazon rain forest, which contains more nutritious antioxidants than wine (three flavors, $3.99 apiece at Wholesome Market; 212-353-3663).

(4) John Allan’s leather travel roll folds flatter than the rest, has real carved-horn toggles, and comes with five of his men’s grooming products ($420; 212-922-0361 or

(5) This sturdy, handmade canvas-and-calfskin stool is big enough to double as a side table, yet folds for easy storage. It’s stitched with the same technique Hermès uses on its handbags ($350 at La Cafetière; 646-486-0667).

(6) Paris-based jewelry designer Dinh Van has a cult following, but he’s hard to find in the U.S.; Yoyamart carries his children’s line, whose rigorously minimal bracelets and pendants in sterling silver or gold could easily suit an adult ($125 to $580; 212-242-5511 or

Best Bets