Danish dressers; maternal cool, and more . . .

Wholly Holey

The British, it seems, are rather taken with jugs – think Toby and the assorted animal ones so popular in the eighteenth century. Now Cornwall glassblower David Wall has come up with a modern version. His handmade frosted-glass pitchers come in jewel colors; the hole creates a handle; and, though non-humanoid, they’re called “Amy”($85).
FELISSIMO/10 West 56th Street/212-247-5656

Stuff It

Anti-clutter is Simon Pithie and Leonard Hamersfeld’s mantra. Twentysomething Australians, they’ve put their formula to work on designs they’ve created for Room Interior Products, their homewares company. Everything is spare and simple and can be used in every room of the house. A case in point: their new nylon storage bins with steel-coiled springs. These handy space-savers are great for laundry, toys, storage, quick tidy-ups, whatever. When not in use, they can be folded flat and stashed away ($35; also in navy blue).
PROPERTY/14 Wooster Street/917-237-0123

Blade Runners

Transpack, the company known for nifty in-line-skate backpacks, has now devised a junior version. It’s as rugged as the grown-up kind (the fabric, buckles, and webbing are all industrial-strength), and it has two mesh-vented side pockets for the skates and an inside zippered pocket for stowing garb and gear. And, great news for wee ice skaters and skiers, Transpack Skate Junior can hold all sizes and types of kids’ skates (around $20).
PARAGON SPORTING GOODS/867 Broadway, at 18th Street/212-255-8036
PECK & GOODIE/817 Eighth Avenue, near 54th Street 212-246-6123

Manhattan Mini Storage

Danish cabinetmakers in the fifties and sixties crafted teak and rosewood dressers that they purposefully kept small and therefore suited to the country’s new infatuation with city living. A trove of these finely crafted dressers has recently surfaced at R 20th Century Design, and the size and simplicity that once appealed to the Danes makes them perfect for tiny New York apartments ($750 to $850; with or without legs; around 3 feet high, 14 inches deep, 24 to 36 inches wide).
R 20TH CENTURY DESIGN/326 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn/718-599-4385

Expansion Plan

Ultra-hip maternity wear is virtually an oxymoron, but Nadine Belfort and Heidi Weinstein of L’Attesa are turning out clothing that qualifies. Last season’s black leather pants were quickly snapped up by glam moms-to-be; now Belfort and Weinstein are doing their Italian lambskin bootlegs in pearlized pink and blue. These ever-so-chic slacks have an adjustable buttonhole waistband and a color-coordinated supplex panel that can comfortably accommodate expanding tummies ($358).
BARNEYS NEW YORK/Sixth floor maternity

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Danish dressers; maternal cool, and more . . .