A (literal) doggie bag . . .

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Milk Run
As a child, Jane Timberlake hated milk; adults were always trying to coax – or pressure – her into swallowing the stuff: “I’d be left sitting at the table when everyone else was done, because I hadn’t finished my milk.” Fast-forward several decades, and the owner of the design firm A-1 Product Co. (who to this day drinks milk only in her coffee) has created a line of witty milk glasses that amuse kids – while encouraging them to drink up. Each of the acrylic-plastic, dishwasher-safe glasses bears a phrase like use both hands, and they are sold in sets of four ($20).
490 Amsterdam Avenue/212-496-1546
248 Smith Street, Brooklyn/718-488-8283

Bag the Dog
New York is more and more a dog town, with many proud parents carrying their canines everywhere they go. Matthew Morris of Blue Ribbon Dog Company noticed that the usual pooch-packs sit at an odd angle on the human carrier, causing discomfort to the dog inside. So he designed his own. “This bag’s kidney shape fits around the owner’s body and ensures an even ride for Fido,” he says. Made from Cordura, a high-resiliency nylon, the K-9 Sport Travel Case is available in gray or orange and holds dogs weighing up to 22 pounds ($98).
712 Fifth Avenue/212-247-1100

Formal Introduction
As the party season fast approaches its frenzied peak, we’ve noticed a traditional touch – cuff links – surfacing on the trendiest wrists around town. It seems that while it may be okay to dress down for the office, it’s now de rigueur to be a little more turned out for a night on the town. Gucci sent these black-onyx-and-18-karat-gold cuff links down the runway for fall, and they’ve been flying out of stores ever since ($1,630).
685 Fifth Avenue/212-826-2600

Privately Printed
Emilio Pucci’s signature patterns are back and are gracing everything imaginable – even underthings. This tiny cotton bikini set, in either bright pink or purple, is an official Pucci design that’s meant to be hidden from public view. “It’s perfect for all those New Yorkers who wear only black,” says Bergdorf Goodman fashion director James Aguiar. “They can have a crazy, wacky side that’s their secret” ($225 for the set).
754 Fifth Avenue/212-753-7300

Baby’s Breath
VickiMints from Victoria’s Secret are lip-shaped mints packaged in a tiny tin adorned with the company’s signature pink-and-white stripes. The directions say, “Take 1 or 2 before kissing”; as to whether this dosage applies equally to serious smooching and air kisses, you’re on your own ($2.50).
1 World Trade Center/212-488-1103

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A (literal) doggie bag . . .