A first for Tiffany . . .

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Cutting Edge
Once upon a time, buying flatware from Tiffany was akin to dressing a table in silver couture. It was gorgeous, it was expensive, and it definitely wasn’t for everybody. Now Tiffany has introduced what you could call its bridge line: Tiffany Steel, the store’s first collection of stainless flatware. The slightly oversized Streamerica (pictured), one of five patterns available so far, possesses a simple but sleek design that echoes the Streamline Moderne movement of the thirties (five-piece place setting, $185).
727 Fifth Avenue/212-755-8000

Baggage Claim
The irreverent French designer Philippe Starck has created everything from super-sexy juicers to ultrahip hotel interiors; now he’s turned his talents to luggage. The twelve pieces in the Samsonite by Starck line, which arrived in stores last week, range from knapsacks and briefcases to duffel bags and wheeled totes. They’re made of a business-chic cotton-blend material, with brushed-aluminum hardware. ($75-$395).
96 Greenwich Avenue/212-691-1001

Have a Ball
Looking for a party giveaway for your “real” millennium fête? A Bami Ball at each place setting would make for some entertaining eye candy. Constructed with 90 feet of colorful crepe paper, each ball unrolls to reveal eight to ten different “treats,” such as balloons, candy, noisemakers, and fortunes. “It’s perfect for the countdown to midnight,” says Michael Doneff, who stocks the balls at his shop Nice House. “With about a minute to go, you start unraveling a ball, then watch as kids and adults fight over the treats that spill out” ($16).
117 Perry Street/212-675-7509

Strange Brew
“Flying saucers, levitation. Yo! I could do that,” sang David Byrne in the Talking Heads’ song “Moon Rocks.” Almost two decades later, he has. As the latest guest designer for the Illy collection of art espresso cups, the multitalented musician has created a set of four cups – each featuring a different pair of extraterrestrial eyes and two ear-shaped handles – and a sugar bowl shaped like a flying saucer ($99).
1000 Third Avenue/212-705-2000

Starry Nights
There’s only one weekend left before the party season officially comes to a close, and chances are you’ve long since tired of the outfits you proudly paraded over the past couple months. Add sparkle to your fading fashions with this chiffon scarf from Stuart Weitzman. It’s 72 inches long and available in navy with silver beads (shown) or in black with either silver or gold beads. As Mr. Weitzman himself says, “You can wear this with the most simple dress and still be a star” ($220).
625 Madison Avenue/212-750-2555

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A first for Tiffany . . .