Perfectly preppy racquet bags . . .

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Pretty in Pink
The Joyce tennis bag is named after a woman of a certain age who summers in Long Island, winters in Florida, and owns four tennis racquets. “Joyce lives in preppy meccas where you can get away with carrying a pink tennis-racquet bag,” explains Jane Schoenborn, who with partner Alicia Fox designed the bag, which features an inside pocket for keys or jewelry. It’s also available in periwinkle blue with a zebra-stripe lining, and in natural canvas with a red gingham lining ($185).
660 Madison Avenue, near 60th Street/212-826-8900

Cat Call
Apartment-dwelling cat owners will go to almost any length to hide the litter box, a necessary but often unsightly item. Enter o.r.e.’s litter-box cover. “This cute little house gives your cat privacy,” explains Rachel Lara of o.r.e., “and hides the ugly litter box, all at the same time” (cover, $30; mat, $12).
43 Greenwich Avenue/212-352-8591

The Write Direction
San Francisco-based sculptor Agelio Batle casts his creations in graphite. “These are both sculptures and functional objects,” explains Batle, who expects people to use the pieces as pencils. “We have some around the house where a fingertip is worn down from use, and it makes the piece seem more alive.” And a tad Hannibal-esque ($50).
40 West 53rd Street/212-956-3535
459 Broome Street/212-219-3922

Shelf Life
Is blonde furniture more fun? That’s for you to decide. What we can say about the Zoe table, by Zygote Designs, is that it’s utterly ambidextrous, with shelves accessible from both the right and left sides, making it the perfect middleman between two chairs. Made of refreshingly non-trendy solid ash, the table measures nineteen and a half inches high and twelve inches wide ($395).
407 East 59th Street/212-755-9079

Made on the Shade
The term functional art gets thrown around the design world a lot these days. But how else to describe Adrienne Jennings’s lamps? The vellum shades are printed with her photographs. Her latest series depicts the Brooklyn Bridge, which Jennings calls the “lifeline from Brooklyn to Manhattan” (table lamp, $180; desk lamp, $230; adjustable floor lamp, $210).
199 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn/718-599-7962

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Perfectly preppy racquet bags . . .