Stashable slickers . . .

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Glass Menagerie
Karim Rashid calls his New Move collection of glass objects “very me.” And indeed, the shapes are classic Rashid – organic and colorful – but with a twist. Right-side up, they’re decanters or vases; turn them over and they become footed bowls or simply objets d’art. The items in the collection range from $98 to $285 and come in both clear and colored glass.
83 Grand Street/212-219-2446

Buzz Thrill
Using power tools and listening to loud music go hand in hand. DeWalt’s new combination radio-battery charger, built specially for use on work sites, bows to this ignoble tradition. Simply place the DeWalt battery pack in the back of the radio, and it will charge in about an hour. Buy it for your contractor. After he finishes the job ($199).
191 Ninth Avenue, near 21st Street/212-243-5266

Modern Love
For those still pining over the Kaleidoscope, last year’s incredibly popular modernist dollhouse, here’s your chance to play house without making such a great financial or space commitment. A new book, Eames House, by James Barkley, includes previously unpublished pictures of the modernist masters’ Los Angeles home plus three perforated sheets that can be assembled into three-dimensional replicas of the house (American Vessel, $45).
125 Greenwich Avenue/212-989-4300

Faking It
This fun new toy, called the Voice Changer, lets you change your voice to sound like a robot – à la R2-D2 – or a slightly possessed child. Made by Boxer, it comes in three colors: green, red, and navy ($20).
1062 Madison Avenue, near 80th Street/212-861-2544

City Slicker
Packing a suitcase may be an art, but it isn’t brain surgery. You just need to pick the right items. Like this raincoat from Longchamp’s Pliages collection. Folded, it fits into a five-by-six-inch case with a chic leather handle. Unfolded, it’s a full-length nylon slicker. Available in nine colors ($175).
713 Madison Avenue, at 63rd Street/212-223-1500

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Stashable slickers . . .