Really tiny T-shirts . . .

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Hang Ten
What would Jeff Spicoli say? His beloved Vans, the foundation of every surfer’s wardrobe, have been fashionized by Bottega Veneta. But don’t wear them to the beach; the Italian fashion house has reinterpreted the rubber-soled shoes in the company’s signature woven leather. Available in women’s sizes only, in black, white, orange, pink, and powder blue ($320).
114 Wooster Street/212-334-4891
635 Madison Avenue, near 59th Street/212-371-5511

Cushion Effect
There’s something decadent about lounging on silk cushions. Scatter a few around your coffee table, light some candles, and before you know it, you’re transported from Manhattan to Marrakech. Kevin Hart & Co. stocks 26-inch-square cushions covered in Cambodian silk and available in ten colors ($185).
31 North Moore Street/212-966-1963

Gun Slinger
Camouflage is usually designed to enable you to hide in plain sight, but it’s unlikely you’ll go unnoticed on the beach while wearing this new men’s swimsuit from Burberry. The company’s iconic colors – tan, black, and burgundy – are used in a traditional military pattern. If you plan on wearing it this summer, you’d better start doing your calisthenics ($65).
141 Eighth Avenue, at 17th Street/212-741-9118

Reading Beauty
Rona Berg considers herself the Harriet the Spy of the beauty industry. “I am a glutton for beauty products and I needed to know all the secrets,” says the former beauty editor, “and now I do.” Her new book, Beauty: The New Basics, is an encyclopedia of beauty, with lists of products that really work, insider information on pricing, even the lowdown on FDA regulations ($19.95, Workman).
939 Lexington Avenue, near 68th Street/212-570-0201
1 Whitehall/212-742-7025
137 East 23rd Street/212-505-2021
716 Broadway, near Fourth Street/212-529-1330

Tees for Tots
While pregnant with her second child, Laurie DellaFemina, owner of the Stork Club, created a line of what she calls “groovy basics” for preemies up to 24 months old – mostly T-shirts and onesies. Some are studded with glittering sequins; others stick to more traditional motifs like hearts, ducks, or flowers ($14-$29).
142 Sullivan Street/212-505-1927

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Really tiny T-shirts . . .