Newer, cooler iMacs . . .

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Bigger Mac
As if iMacs weren’t already cool enough, Apple is pushing the design envelope again. The new iMacs come in patterns – Blue Dalmatian (shown) and Flower Power – and that’s just the outside. New software makes the iMac an entertainment center: Users can create desktop movies, burn CDs, and even manage a music library ($1,199-$1,499).

Baby Needs Shoes
Is good taste genetic? Maybe, but why take chances? Start the kids early, feet-first, with a pair of Tod’s classic loafers for newborns. The mini-moccasins come in a polka-dot box with their very own satin shoe bag ($158). Available in pink, blue, or white.
650 Madison Avenue, near 60th Street/212-644-7464

Body of Work
If Generation X has a celebrity ceramist, it is undoubtedly Jonathan Adler. His new Muse collection is guaranteed to surprise the most devoted fan. Gone are his trademark geometric shapes in favor of faces, lips, and breasts. “I fused my fascination with human forms and my interest in surrealism,” says Adler. “And the body parts form a geometric pattern.” Made of English porcelain, the collection includes vases and lamps, and prices range from $80 to $670. Shown here: Gala vase (lips), $230; Dora Maar vase (face), $285.
465 Broome Street/212-941-8950

Resounding Suds
Does the world need more soap? Sisters Laura and Suzanne Cabot think so. “We used to make fun of bubble baths that would claim you could turn your tub into a cauldron and cast spells,” says Laura. “We wanted ours to be hip, edgy, and urbane.” Their line, called “Not Soap, Radio,” consists of six scented bubble bath-shower gels in great colors, with names like Liquid Freud and Bubbles, Not Carbs ($15).
712 Fifth Avenue, at 56th Street/212-247-1100
96 Greene Street/212-941-9656

Picture This
It’s hard to believe that an eighteenth-century pattern could be all the rage, but toille is hot again. This pictorial fabric was once found only in grand homes, but the pattern is now on everything from clothing to dog collars. This decoupaged flower vase is large enough for flowers or umbrellas ($54).
1168 Lexington Avenue, at 80th Street/212-737-2004

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Newer, cooler iMacs . . .